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  • Nicole Levy Optometrist Rosebank
    Nicole Levy Optometrist Rosebank
  • The Eye Makers Optometrist Bryanston
    The Eye Makers Optometrist Bryanston
  • Joel Dorfan Optometrist
    Joel Dorfan Optometrist
  • Spec Savers Glenwood
    Spec Savers Glenwood
  • Heidema Optometrist in Brooklyn
    Heidema Optometrist in Brooklyn
  • Edleigh Optometrist Bluff
    Edleigh Optometrist Bluff
  • Spec-Savers Woodmead
    Spec-Savers Woodmead
  • Frames Eastgate
    Frames Eastgate
  • Les Ruttenberg Optometrist
    Les Ruttenberg Optometrist
  • Example Optometrist Platinum
    Example Optometrist Platinum
  • JT Ferreira Optometrist Northcliff
    JT Ferreira Optometrist Northcliff
  • Dorothy Christodoulou Optometrist
    Dorothy Christodoulou Optometrist
  • Glen Mkansi Optometrist
    Glen Mkansi Optometrist
  1. What is an optometrist?
Optometrists are eye specialists who can help you out with everything from eye tests, glasses, contact lenses and more. Services commonly provided by optometrists include:

● Full eye health exams, which may reveal conditions such as
        ○ Presbyopia
        ○ Myopia
        ○ Astigmatism
        ○ Strabismus
        ○ Glaucoma
        ○ Conjunctivitis.
● Refractions to determine your glasses prescription.
● Contact lens dispensing.
● Emergency exams (such as foreign objects in the eye).
● Specialty eye exams for certain professions (such as police, firefighter, etc.).